The Pioneering Spirit: Bloomfield Hills-Based ENRG Power Systems Takes Top Prize at Accelerate Michigan

Bloomfield Hills’ own ENRG Power Systems wowed judges at Accelerate Michigan when the company took top prize in the Advanced Transportation category. According to Jon Zemke’s article at Model D Media, the company won $25,000 for their work on fuel-efficient car engine technology that will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

The competition was fiercely competitive, as a large number of south-Michigan start-up firms were represented. The competition’s goal? To encourage and reward innovative business practices and endeavors, and promote economic growth for the entire state. A joint effort between several large organizations and coalitions—including the Business Accelerator Network for Southeast Michigan, Business Leaders for Michigan, the University Research Corridor, and the New Economy Initiative—over a million dollars were awarded in various cash prizes to the winners. It goes without saying that to be recognized at all is quite an honor—and to win a top prize is truly impressive!

But then, ENRG Power Systems is an impressive company. Their main claim-to-fame is the Plasma Drive Ignition system, an alternative ignition system that uses carefully-place magnetic fields to create highly-efficient combustions in car engine—as well short bursts of plasma, which lends the system its name. This highly-efficient combustion dramatically reduces the fuel-consumption and wear-and-tear on the engine, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15%-55%; in short, it’s not an innovation car drivers can scoff at or ignore. It helps you save money and save the planet—what’s not to lose?

ENRG Power Systems is just one of the many engaged, dedicated companies that make up the Bloomfield Hills community, and prove that it’s an economically-robust city to make a home in. So, if you’re a homebuyer looking for a driven community that’s ready to meet the world’s problems with as much creativity as they can muster, look no further—Bloomfield Hills is the city for you!